About The Mom

Once upon a time, long ago, I married a mortal man…

    –> A tadpole later in the story, I traded the mortal man in for a real toad.
    –> Two tadpoles later I traded in the toad for a frog prince.
    –> The frog prince moved on to greener reptiles (smirk).
    –> I decided FROGS are over-rated. Currently married to Prince Charming.
    –> Every morning I wake up in a strange, new fairytale… sorta. If only the dwarfs in my house were named Sleepy, Bashful and Doc…

Hi, I’m Michele.  I’m also the mother of three boys.  While it’s been interesting to say the least, I can honestly say that they are “GOOD BIRTH CONTROL”!  For the most part, you’ll be reading about anecdotes from my life as the mother of these three boys.  Occasionally, I may digress and vent about other things in our life that I also consider good birth control (or at least a great excuse for why I shouldn’t have another child).

Remember as you browse this site – most everything is MY opinion and point of view. You may not necessarily agree with me and that’s perfectly fine.  Unless you live with me, then you MUST agree…

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Although three boys have been 100% effective for my birth control method, your results may vary.  When in doubt, I recommend abstinence!  I do not guarantee my personal experiences will work for you, nor would I recommend having three boys (or three of any sex) to prevent future pregnancy.  Proceed at your own risk.  😉