Archives for March 2005

Martha Stewart Has Competition

Look, Martha, you might as well give your day job up.  I know its been rough now that you officially have a "record", but now you have to deal with some legitimate competition as well! This is Gran Neisler's (pronounced NICE-ler) Famous Bunny Cake … [Read more...]

About that perfect mother comment

After working the businesses today, I started some spring cleaning.  I have to admit, I was doing a great job until I opened a box that had a piece of art packed in it from my oldest son.  While smiling at it, I realized it was not a piece of art, … [Read more...]

Random Rantings

I have absolutely no self control today.   I'm in rare form.   Everything is annoying me.  Where shall I start?  Let's see... Oh yes, this month I turned 30 (Holy $#%&!) and this week, I was actually thinking it's not so bad.  So what if it only … [Read more...]