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Vocabulary Test

Kids seem to have their own special language.  I call it "kiddish".  Many times you'll need a mythical kiddish dictionary just to translate what they are saying!  Here's some funny defintions for you: Child Word in Kiddish English … [Read more...]

It’s my party…

and I'll lay in bed if I want to! Yep it's my birthday and I'm even older than I was yesterday. I'm pretty worn out from our little road trip. I finally got to see my friend Denise for the first time in almost 7 years. Donald raced his R/C cars with … [Read more...]

Road Trip

REM The Fray Nelly Furtado Dave Mathews Band cows, goats and crops a skunk's perfume lingers on ungroomed trees portraying character sunset clouds of orange, pink and purple awareness of more than myself while gazing out the window memories of … [Read more...]