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Tagged: Seven Things You May Not Know About Me

I'm a little behind on posting this in response to my friend Alyssa of Life From My Laptop. It seems that I took so long thinking about this that it slipped my mind to come back and post it! I mean really, it's quite difficult to think of seven … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Eye Popping Halloween Dinner

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God Waits Tables at the Chinese Buffet

First, let me just say right up front, on Sunday, I like to take it easy. I like to stay in bed and sleep, watch tv, veg out and just be as lazy as possible all day. Donald and some coworkers decided to play golf this morning and he took Biscuit … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Head – Win Burgers For Life!

This morning a friend sent me a link to a funny viral marketing campaign for Wendy's. It was entertaining and and fun. You can upload your own face, choose your body style, clothing and voice (you can even upload your own voice if you want). If … [Read more...]

Tell Me Thursday: PMS = Hubby Makes Dinner

Tell Me Thursday for: PMS = Hubby Makes Dinner Obviously, it all started with my having PMS and being a total grouch. In fact, this past year, my PMS has been worse than EVER. It has been so bad that I can't even stand being in my own body! … [Read more...]