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TMT: Blowing Kisses

Tell Me Thursday for: Blowing Kisses I originally posted the Blowing Kisses photo over a month ago with great intentions of closing a chapter of my life and starting a new page. The funny thing is, I became paralyzed with paranoia and couldn't … [Read more...]

TMT: Forked!

Tell Me Thursday for: Forked This photo was taken at the Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas on November 1st, 2008. The hotel is supposedly haunted. I had a blast taking photos in the dark and recording myself and two friends asking questions of … [Read more...]

I Forked Up Again

So today I was supposed to tell you about my Wordless Wednesday . Now I'm two stories in the hole and months behind on saying anything on this blog at all. Ooops. I think this fork photo should just become my new personal brand. When you see forks … [Read more...]

WW: Forked

Come back Thursday for the story behind this photo! You can participate at … [Read more...]