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TMT: Get Off My Back Story

Tell Me Thursday for: Get Off My Back Remember when I lost my mind and allowed the boys to buy baby chicks with their Christmas gift cards? And then they made the move outside and adopted the family dog as their new mama? Yeah. The bird-brains now … [Read more...]

WW: Get Off My Back

Come back Thursday for the story behind this photo! You can participate at TellMeThursday … [Read more...]

TMT: 9-12 Project – I WANT My Friends Back

Tell Me Thursday for: This Moved & Inspired Me It seems that everyone you bump into, talk to or eavesdrop on via social media has an opinion on where our country is headed these days. I don't need to see a poll to know how many are worried or be … [Read more...]

WW: This Moved & Inspired Me

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TMT: In The Dog House Story

Tell Me Thursday for: In The Dog House I knew the time would approach, just not so soon. One afternoon a few weeks ago, Wrangler started screaming that the chicks were flying out of the box! The clever creatures decided to use their food and … [Read more...]