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You Know What They Say About Baloney

Yesterday I did some serious grocery shopping because the pantry was looking a bit scrawny and the fridge was so empty that it nearly looked clean. Side note: If you are wondering why I'm not posting about this grocery spree at Moms Love Shopping … [Read more...]

Easily Amused By My Blog

Deal With Kids

Sometimes, I crack myself up... Like the day I decided I should call my blog 'Good Birth Control' despite the uphill battle I'd wage against spammers pushing viagra.  And then there's the days when everything I apply to my blog is just freakin' … [Read more...]

A Photo of My Brain’s Dashboard

Michele's Brain

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My Name is Michele & I Have a Problem

All my life I've had a problem.   It's a crippling fear of saying what I think. I'm always afraid I'll say the wrong thing or someone will take it the wrong way because  I have a strange knack for being able to verbally butcher what's rolling … [Read more...]

Voicemail from President Obama

David received a very unexpected voice mail tonight from President Obama! We had to listen twice... we just couldn't believe it! Did you get one? We're extremely curious how he could possibly know that David plays the drums?  I can't wait to … [Read more...]