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My Visions, Dreams & Fears – Nascar Style

Things are festering up inside my head. Serious thoughts. Thoughts that make me feel nauseated. It's not just a few thoughts. It's a lot. At one time. I can't focus. It's extremely crippling sometimes. Not long ago, I vowed to start saying … [Read more...]

If I Had Only One Friend Left

Tell Me Thursday for WW: Lessons From Peach I was looking for something under the bathroom sink and I knocked over her shampoo. Shampoo she'll never need again. I was cleaning up the patio and I found her collar. My heart ached as I rubbed a patch … [Read more...]

Even an Eight Year Old Gets It

Tonight Biscuit walked by and saw the National Debt Clock being mentioned on T.V.  It caught his attention because he noticed how quickly the numbers were growing and he asked if all those dollars were what someone owes or what someone is … [Read more...]

Juicy Juice May Cause Pregnancy

According to Biscuit anyway... Wrangler: Mom what is this word on my juice box? Michele: The word is 'questions'. Wrangler: Not that word, Mom. The one under it. Michele: 'Preguntas'... that's the Spanish word for 'questions'.  You can learn … [Read more...]