Steamed – Why is HIS Body Hidden & Not Hers?


Usually, I can avoid it anywhere but watching TV. I'm talking about the nakedness or darn near, might as well be nakedness of women splashed everywhere. I have tried to talk to David about this (if another person tells me to lighten up and quit … [Read more...]

Liking it, Lumping It Or Living It

I've been meaning to update on my wedding day. Then update about my first month of marriage. The thing is... some memories are so dear that you just have to hold them close to your heart to relive and adore before you can share them. And that's … [Read more...]

I Thee Wed

I Do

Come back on Thursday to read the story behind this photo! And visit to find out even more! … [Read more...]

Bloggerzilla or Shoezilla not Bridezilla


I'm going to my wedding in my pajamas, probably.  Instead of becoming BRIDEzilla, Annette says I've been BLOGGERzilla and SHOEzilla.  And then she said I should quickly post about my shoes... it's like her being my Chocoholic Sponsor and giving me … [Read more...]

My Blue Moon Wedding Day

Michele's Internet Wedding Announcement

Yesterday I posted our wedding bands photos for Wordless Wednesday.This is Tell Me Thursday and it's MY WEDDING DAY!  :-) I wish you could all be there to witness this joyous occasion.  I'll post photos later and maybe even have my oldest son send a … [Read more...]