Barely Survived 2007 – Here's to 2008!

Most of my readers know that December keeps me busy with loads of personalized stationery products from Chele’s Treasures. My family knows I’ll be working nonstop from sunrise to past sunset… sometimes from sunrise to sunrise! It surely doesn’t leave alot of extra time for blogging.

I’ve been on my own self-imposed vacation since December 19th. I just simply had to do it. My body demanded it and my mind welcomed it. I’ve spent most of the time enduring the holiday festivities and traditions, sleeping, goofing off and researching anything that pops into my head that I haven’t been able to take the time for in the past few months.

To tell you the truth, 2007 was not the year I had envisioned. Business wise it was great but as far as my personal life, it pretty much sucked a rotten egg. It’s a year that irks me everytime I think about it. My 2008 resolution is to flush 2007 down the toilet and start 2008 fresh.

This year WILL be the year that I take care of myself FIRST so that I may care for the ones that depend on me. I’ll learn from the preflight safety lesson you receive before your flight takes off – I WILL secure my own oxygen mask before assisting others this year!

To start the year off, I am also taking time to smell the roses and grant my own personal wishes… I have spent New Year’s Eve and New Year Day watching the Twilight Zone 48 Hour Marathon on the Sci Fi channel (I am a Twilight Zone freak) and it’s been great! Thanks to the DVR I’ve been able to fast forward thru commercials, delete the ones I’ve seen or don’t want to watch and catch all the others!

I’m looking forward to this year and starting over fresh. Here’s to YOUR 2008. May it be GR8! 😉


  1. Here’s to a better 2008 Chele! Taking care of ourselves first is so important but always so neglected. I’m working on the taking care of myself too.

  2. What a handsome bunch of boys you have, Chele! Glad you had a nice holiday and took time for yourself. Here’s a virtual toast to a better year!!

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