Been Missin' My Man Child

Last night I stayed up late to secure an airplane ticket for my first born son to come home for Christmas. Then this morning I found a cool site called Animoto that I thought I’d give a test drive for another project. So, I quickly uploaded some recent photos of the family, chose a song provided by Animoto and waited a few moments for it to provide it’s magic. I was blown away by what I saw. Actually, I started crying because it came out so great and I realized there were so many important people in it EXCEPT for my first born son, Alec. See what you think below.

We all miss you and can’t wait to see you for Christmas, Alec!
With Love: Mom, Nana, Nannie, Donald, Biscuit & Wrangler

You can make your own studio quality video at Animoto.


  1. Oh Chele this is beautiful. It is evident how much you love and miss your son and how you love all your boys. Maybe add his photo at the end?

  2. Thanks Trula. Great idea. I’ll make him a special one that takes more thought, planning and not just randomness. If this is what came from a quickly thrown together test, I can only imagine how great a purposeful video will produce. :-)

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