Birth Control Granny: Safe Speech?

Safe Speech?
Apparently, it’s super cool to give birth control advice in schools across the nation, but it’s not acceptable to distribute a little practical advice in real world situations.  Laura Stevens, 76 year old woman from Utah, was banned from riding public transportation (otherwise known as the bus) for unsolicited remarks about birth control to other passengers.

Seriously, how many times have YOU personally muttered under your breath that others should practice another form of birth control?  Come on… you know you have!  In our family, when a child is driving the mother (or others) up the wall and over a cliff, we’ve been heard making these remarks:

“You know what causes that, right?”
“A monthly cable bill is cheaper and less irritating in the long run…”
“Sterilization is an option!”

Perhaps we should be practicing Safe Speech and not Safe Sex?  This should be an interesting case to follow!

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