Bloggerzilla or Shoezilla not Bridezilla

I’m going to my wedding in my pajamas, probably.  Instead of becoming BRIDEzilla, Annette says I’ve been BLOGGERzilla and SHOEzilla.  And then she said I should quickly post about my shoes… it’s like her being my Chocoholic Sponsor and giving me chocolate!


Shoezilla Perfection!

The only thing I’ve stressed about is finding THE shoe to compliment the gorgeous dress her daughters made for me to wear to my wedding.

I searched high and low in my town of limited fabric and shoes.

Then we discovered with FREE overnight shipping and a gazillion shoes… TWO DAYS before the wedding.  They arrived ONE DAY before the wedding. I wish I were kidding.  The entire 24 hours I had to wait, I worried that they would be yellow.  I don’t know why!

Aren’t they lovely and perfect?  Nearly as pretty as my dress!  I know, I KNOW!  Thank goodness they aren’t yellow!

My sister just text messaged me to wake up.  If she only knew I’ve already been up for 3 hours!  I should really get dressed now.  The “Quiet Family” will surely kill me if I’m late to my own wedding because I’m still blogging!

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