Can I JUST Get a Date Night?

I just have to grumble. Just because that’s all I can do anymore. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

I love my family. Really I do. They are some crazy, loveable, funny people, but now I definitely know where I get my ‘inability to accomplish a friggin thing’ syndrome.

Some moms have extended families that actually pick their kids up from school every day. Some families juggle blended families and in-laws and outlaws like it’s a walk in the park EVERY DAY.

I can’t even get friggin date night. Not even.

It’s not like it’s always an agenda against me or anything. Sometimes it really is just a fluke. Flukes happen a lot in my family. Flukes happen to ME a lot. Really. In fact, if it weren’t for flukes, I’d probably actually blog EVERY DAY. Or something like that.

All summer long, every time someone in the family has offered to keep the kids so I could get some work accomplished, get a break or maybe have a date night… the most unreal, off the wall thing happens or ‘nothing’ happens so fast it’s midnight before anyone picks up the kids. Really.

OR… my oldest boy goes off with one person and the younger two are taken with someone else but they are all picked up at different times and brought home at different times (or they don’t know when they’ll bring them home) so I can’t actually plan anything or go anywhere. I couldn’t practice crappy birth control methods if I wanted to with that type of break!

I have a really sweet man in my life that adores me. Really. It’s amazing that he still hangs around when I can’t even go to dinner alone unless it’s Pizza Hut or Taco Bell in the five minutes notice we get that we might be kid free for 30 minutes. I guess it’s a good cheap date, but not very romantic. Unless maybe that’s why he adores me… I’m the cheapest date in history. I’ll think about that later…

Tonight, my oldest boy left with Boo for an overnight trip to Oklahoma. The younger boys went with Nannie to their second cousin’s birthday party. Out in the boonies. For real.

I actually got excited thinking, “Yeah baby! I’m gonna get a real date night or at least be alone with David”. Pfffft. Whatever.

The FLUKE strikes again. Another cousin of ours gets dunked in the swimming pool and when he comes up, some kid at the party gets his tooth imbedded in my cousin’s head (I couldn’t make this crap up if tried). So Nannie takes him to the E.R in town.

Meanwhile, I’m alone with David, but still stuck at home because I don’t know what time my kids will be back. It gets later and later. I’m sorta gritting my teeth because we could have actually had a sit down dinner in a real restaurant, but who’s complaining?

Finally, at 9:30 the phone rings. It’s my aunt. She’s just now telling me about the tooth in the head ordeal and that my kids are still at her house. Here’s the good news: I can come get them another teenage cousin (yeah, I have A LOT of cousins) can drive them all the way back to town and bring them home because Nannie is still at the E.R. (imagine that).

Long story short… rather than have three more family members in the E.R. because my two youngest decided to argue in the backseat while a teenager drove them home from the boonies in the dark and got distracted, David and I went to get the kids and got home an hour later.

I’m beginning to think date nights are just over-rated. I was hoping to have a few dates before I actually get married again, but it’s not looking good so far. It’s actually less work to stay at home with kids 24/7 than get a sitter these days!

Grumble over. For Now. Really.


  1. Aww I’m sorry that you can’t get a date night in. That’s gotta be a bit of a bummer! I wish I lived closer because I would watch the kiddos for you so you could get a date night in!

  2. Jennifer Summers says:

    I can relate on your situations, I think where both on the same shoe.. still trying hard to find quality time with my partner..

  3. You’re a great mom and wifey. Regarding your date night…yeah I agree with Tishia..if only I could extend there…I’ll look after your kids for you to enjoy your date night (winks)

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