Juicy Juice May Cause Pregnancy

According to Biscuit anyway... Wrangler: Mom what is this word on my juice box? Michele: The word is 'questions'. Wrangler: Not that word, Mom. The one under it. Michele: 'Preguntas'... that's the Spanish word for 'questions'.  You can learn … [Read more...]

Biblical Conversation

On the way home from the Post Office with Biscuit and Wrangler is usually nerve wracking or funny. This particular car trip nearly made me rear end the car in front of me: Biscuit: What year was Adam and Eve born? Wrangler: Who is Adam and Steve? … [Read more...]

Classic Mom

Today Biscuit was sent home from school because he is now running a fever - the same one I keep thinking I've gotten rid of but returns around noon every day for the past week. :-( As I lay in bed, he creeped in here from his own bed and crawled … [Read more...]

God Waits Tables at the Chinese Buffet

First, let me just say right up front, on Sunday, I like to take it easy. I like to stay in bed and sleep, watch tv, veg out and just be as lazy as possible all day. Donald and some coworkers decided to play golf this morning and he took Biscuit … [Read more...]

Blonde Boy With A Bag of M&M's

Have you heard the joke about the blonde that got fired from the M&M factory for throwing out the candies with "W" on it? This joke flashed back to me today when Wrangler walked in the room with a snack size bag of M&M's. Wranger: Mom, … [Read more...]