My Visions, Dreams & Fears – Nascar Style

Things are festering up inside my head. Serious thoughts. Thoughts that make me feel nauseated. It's not just a few thoughts. It's a lot. At one time. I can't focus. It's extremely crippling sometimes. Not long ago, I vowed to start saying … [Read more...]

Even an Eight Year Old Gets It

Tonight Biscuit walked by and saw the National Debt Clock being mentioned on T.V.  It caught his attention because he noticed how quickly the numbers were growing and he asked if all those dollars were what someone owes or what someone is … [Read more...]

Voicemail from President Obama

David received a very unexpected voice mail tonight from President Obama! We had to listen twice... we just couldn't believe it! Did you get one? We're extremely curious how he could possibly know that David plays the drums?  I can't wait to … [Read more...]

Goodbye Farrah

Lousy photo of me, I know. I was goofing off after a long day of Christmas activities with family and showing off the pink camo hat my sister gave me as a prank gift. Check out the pose that was nearly cut out by the photographer focusing on my bad … [Read more...]

RIP & Good Riddance to My Childhood Memories

In the past, I've had some harsh things to say about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Before you think I'm waffling on those words, I'm not. Here's a refresher, because you probably missed what I had to say a few years ago on the … [Read more...]