Elegant Transformation for Dr. King's Dream?

Tell Me Thursday for: Being Elegant is Hard Work When I first posted my photo for Wordless Wednesday (oops... a little while ago) I was mostly wanting to show off the little cuties from my son's kindergarten class dressed up for an "Elegant Tea … [Read more...]

Obama and Clinton

Dear Democratic Presidential Candidates (and voters): This has been bothering me for awhile. I start it, then I delete it. It's just such a touchy topic. The more touchy the topic becomes, the more it bothers me. First of all, let me state for the … [Read more...]

Columbus Day… Great Argument for Birth Control

Columbus Day irks me, it truly does. Even when I was a child and had the entire "Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492" lesson, this day of celebration never really added up for me. Seriously, we give the US Post Office and our banks the day off … [Read more...]

My Apology to Martha Stewart

Dear Martha, You can thank Michael Jackson for this apology.  Today I was feeling guilty about the things I've said about you and the time you served in prison.  I really have to admire you for your strength and sophistication during your trial … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Has Competition

Look, Martha, you might as well give your day job up.  I know its been rough now that you officially have a "record", but now you have to deal with some legitimate competition as well! This is Gran Neisler's (pronounced NICE-ler) Famous Bunny Cake … [Read more...]