Wedding Dress Bad Luck


As we were waiting for the mail man to deliver my wedding dress back to Annette's house, the girls started working on the lace jacket. Annette and I start chatting on instant messenger and talking about the boob problem we would need to adjust. There … [Read more...]

The Wedding Dress Breast Reduction

We wanted to be sure the dress would fit before all the final touches were put into place, so we planned a "rough draft" fitting. It didn't take long for the designing diva and her sewing sensation sister to whip up the rough draft of my wedding … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Bridezilla?

After Annette sent me a link to her fabric comparison shopping video so I could see what I had to choose from in her area, I could tell we had a problem. It was time to be BRIDEZILLA! Chele: "What do you mean it was TOO dark?" Annette: (stuttering) … [Read more...]

With This Ring


Come back on Thursday to read the story behind this photo! And visit to find out even more! … [Read more...]

Wedding Dress Fabric Problems

After deciding on a pattern, it was time to select the fabric. This should have been a piece of cake. Except... I live in a small town so selection is limited. I wanted to do this with my mother and she's a night owl. Wal-mart is open late but was … [Read more...]