My Blue Moon Wedding Day

Michele's Internet Wedding Announcement

Yesterday I posted our wedding bands photos for Wordless Wednesday.This is Tell Me Thursday and it's MY WEDDING DAY!  :-) I wish you could all be there to witness this joyous occasion.  I'll post photos later and maybe even have my oldest son send a … [Read more...]

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?

OK, OK, OKAY! So the title is a leetle bit deceiving.  And this post is a weetle bit late in explaining. After the photo of the wedding date text I shared a few weeks ago for Wordless Wednesday, it's probably obvious that he loves me. I'm pretty … [Read more...]

If I Had Only One Friend Left

Tell Me Thursday for WW: Lessons From Peach I was looking for something under the bathroom sink and I knocked over her shampoo. Shampoo she'll never need again. I was cleaning up the patio and I found her collar. My heart ached as I rubbed a patch … [Read more...]

A Photo of My Brain’s Dashboard

Michele's Brain

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TMT: Modern Day Love Notes

Tell Me Thursday for Modern Day Sappy Love Notes Now that I don't feel the need to stay quiet about my relationship status anymore... This is yesterday's text message log between my phone and David's. I almost feel like a teenager passing … [Read more...]