Steamed – Why is HIS Body Hidden & Not Hers?


Usually, I can avoid it anywhere but watching TV. I'm talking about the nakedness or darn near, might as well be nakedness of women splashed everywhere. I have tried to talk to David about this (if another person tells me to lighten up and quit … [Read more...]

If I Had Only One Friend Left

Tell Me Thursday for WW: Lessons From Peach I was looking for something under the bathroom sink and I knocked over her shampoo. Shampoo she'll never need again. I was cleaning up the patio and I found her collar. My heart ached as I rubbed a patch … [Read more...]

Juicy Juice May Cause Pregnancy

According to Biscuit anyway... Wrangler: Mom what is this word on my juice box? Michele: The word is 'questions'. Wrangler: Not that word, Mom. The one under it. Michele: 'Preguntas'... that's the Spanish word for 'questions'.  You can learn … [Read more...]

A Photo of My Brain’s Dashboard

Michele's Brain

[Read more...]

I Broke My Blog

So Pretty

Now that school has started and I have so many more brain cells back, I've been excited about blogging again. REALLY! So I decided to go all out and make it a truly special moment by redecorating and... Breaking. My. Blog. Well, it's … [Read more...]