Classic Mom


Today Biscuit was sent home from school because he is now running a fever – the same one I keep thinking I’ve gotten rid of but returns around noon every day for the past week. :-(

As I lay in bed, he creeped in here from his own bed and crawled up on the bed next to me. Very sweetly, he said,

“I love you, Classic Mom”

Not sure if it was just the cuteness factor or because I’m deliriously goofy lately that was making my eyes water, so I asked him what a classic mom is…

Biscuit: It means you are a mom over 30 years old
Classic Mom: Uh what? How’d you come up with that?
Biscuit: I asked Daddy what classic car means the other day and he told me it’s a car older than 30 years old.
Classic Mom: So that makes me “classic”?
Biscuit: Yeah, I know you aren’t really 17, mom. That would make you only 10 when I was born.
Classic Mom: Ugh! (chunks pillow at Biscuit and rolls over)


  1. Awwwww!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon – this is lasting forever!

  2. THAT is a classic conversation!!! Aren’t they just the cutest…when they’re not fighting with their siblings? LOL!

  3. That’s to funny!!! Wait till he turns 30, then you can pull out some classic jokes for him lol

  4. Aww that is way too cute. So I guess I can refer to you as Classic Mom now? LOL I hope you start feeling better soon!!!!

  5. Gotta love the logic of a 7 year old! Maybe we should make a new site just for classic moms!

  6. That’s cute – hey there’s nothing wrong with being a Classic! and your ad widget thingie is showing ads for “ipod classic” lol

  7. LOL That’s great! I guess that makes me a classic mom, too. :)

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