Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow… I Gotta Little Secret

Michele's Valentine

Come back Thursday for the story behind this photo!
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  1. Good sex? 😉

    You both are so adorable together. You can feeeel the chemistry.

    I hope to God that is your husband and not a brother or something LOL


  2. Way to go Chele! He looks like good people. Does he know that everything is a blogable moment? Lol

  3. Nell – Thank God he’s not related to me! Thanks! LOL

    Carrie – Yes, My blog got discovered this week & after discussion, I was granted the go ahead to free up my blogger’s block my little secret is causing. 😉

  4. Laughing at Nell says:

    LOL NELL! I about peed my pants just now!

  5. Cute photo!

  6. this is a unique n bold layout.

  7. Great photo! Hope he’s good to you and can keep that smile on your face…you deserve much happiness!

  8. So happy!! :)

  9. Glad I could provide a couple of laughs. I try. 😉


  10. Awwwh! Adorable. I have a little secret too but he doesn’t know about the blog yet so I’ve kept things pretty quiet about him which is REALLY hard to do!

  11. Tishia Lee: Spill it! I want details! LOL

  12. You both go together soooo good Chele. You all look so happy. WTG!!!

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