Desperate? Me? Surely Not!

Well, after fighting it, I’ve become more than a Desperate Housewife viewer and fan (I think waiting til next season will be torture).  I’ve decided if I can’t beat them, join them. After all, most clueless outsiders believe I am a spoiled, bored housewife anyway!

I figure I must be the mother of all desperate housewives because except for Gabby, I can relate with all the others… and that’s only because my husband looks so cute as he buzzes by on the riding lawn mower.  =)  Don’t underestimate me because I always seem to be getting into hilariously ridiculous situations like Susan.  I also have some Martha Huber up my sleeve.  I have a little blackmail collection of my own, so if you are on my poop list (and you know who you are) then you better pray my sister never gets hold of it.  She’ll make Felicia look like a walk in the park!

All kidding aside though, I can seriously relate to Lynette.  So, I wasn’t too surprised when I surfed into ABC to visit the Desperate Housewife section and was pegged as a “Lynette” after taking the fun little quiz.  Which Desperate Housewife Are You?


  1. Haha, even I can relate to a lot of the desperate housewives characters. You should not be ashamed of watching it though. A lot of us desperate women tend to! It’s not near as bad as it sounds, the plots and dramas are awesome. But seriously, go take that quiz on ABC and tell us who you are actually most like. Something tells me you’re a lot like Susan, more so than Lynette (besides the fact that you have around a billion kids!)

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