Easily Amused By My Blog

Sometimes, I crack myself up…

Like the day I decided I should call my blog ‘Good Birth Control‘ despite the uphill battle I’d wage against spammers pushing viagra.  And then there’s the days when everything I apply to my blog is just freakin’ hilarious.

Today I was checking out the HopAd Builder at Clickbank for another site and wondered what would happen if I applied it to this blog.  I really needed this laugh!

GBC for Mom
Personally, I think 4 of 5 are great birth control methods, only because I can’t personally vouch for #3.   Honestly, I think #5 has to be my favorite method for preventing pregnancy!

Deal With Kids
As far as dealing with kids, I can’t argue with #2 since my youngest child decided to jip me out of the pleasure of a drug induced labor!  It was definitely the moment that made me grab the doctor’s shirt and demand she tie my tubes before I left the hospital (I should really tell this story).

Deal with Men
Ahhh… men. The reason we need birth control in the first place… what else can I say here?  😉

I had so much fun playing with this one that I put it in my sidebar for you to play with, too.  Should you decide to purchase a product, I totally won’t hold it against you!


  1. LOL How funny/fun/ a total riot. And how in the hell did I not know about that cool ad thingy from clickbank?!


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