Elegant Transformation for Dr. King's Dream?

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Being Elegant is Hard Work

When I first posted my photo for Wordless Wednesday (oops… a little while ago) I was mostly wanting to show off the little cuties from my son’s kindergarten class dressed up for an “Elegant Tea Party”.

But then, while looking at the other photos and thinking about the entire “race debate” with Obama and Clinton in this election, one particular photo struck me:

progressYou see, this photo of the children walking back to their classroom has several races, but there’s something even more interesting than that…

This school was once a segregated school for African Americans. It is now a Pre-K and Kindergarten with an African American principal, who by the way, is FANTASTIC.

I recently went on a field trip with the class to a ranch with exotic animals. All children were paired up with a partner to hold hands with. When I arrived, my son held one of my hands and his little partner held my other hand… not by force, but by the children’s choice.

The little boy didn’t care that my son is white. He didn’t care that I am white. My son didn’t care if his friend that held his Mommy’s hand was black. It was just really cool that Mommy came to hang out with them.

Are children color blind or are they taught racism? If it’s taught, then I’m impressed with my son’s class, their parents, teacher, principal and school. Would Dr. King be proud? I’m not an expert, but I think maybe so.


  1. WOW!! That is so darn touching!! I do believe ALL children are born totally color blind then TAUGHT or lead to the path they walk down until they choose another (if the choose another). The way you describe the class and the trip gave me chills!! I love it!!

    As I always say – nothing is black AND white it is a rainbow and ALL colors should touch because they are ALL beautiful!!

  2. :-) great post!

  3. Great post Chele! Very touching. It’s sad that the whole world can’t view people through children’s eyes. I’ve never understood why some people could be so hateful towards other people of other races. Kids don’t see the ‘color’ of skin – they see the person and that’s so great.

  4. Excellent point. You know my firstborn was in kindergarten last year and the very first girl she was attracted to was this sweet black girl. They were inseparable! The teacher tells me that too. They were like soul sisters all through kindergarten. It was so sweet to watch them give each other hugs and kisses all day.

    Her mom is also wonderful and we hit it off immediately too. We were all very sad they had to move to Germany. But they’ll be home in the summer and the girls can’t wait! My daughter unfortunately has not found another friend quite as close as Mya till today.

  5. Chele this is a beautiful post is so true. Sometimes we really can learn from our kids. It would be great if we could unlearn all the other junk we pick up over the years.
    Love the picture – I’d frame it!

  6. It is always wonderful to watch young children who have not been effected by the stupidity of some adults. Children absolutely learn racism, I would think it would be impossible to be born racist.

    Watchin children makes it seem possible that some day we can live in a world without prejudices.

  7. Ok, make me cry why don’t ya! I love the fact the children are so innocent. I hate the fact that adults taint that innocence.

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