Even an Eight Year Old Gets It

Tonight Biscuit walked by and saw the National Debt Clock being mentioned on T.V.  It caught his attention because he noticed how quickly the numbers were growing and he asked if all those dollars were what someone owes or what someone is earning.

I explained that those numbers are what is owed by the people of the United States.  He wanted to know how we were going to pay for all that.  I then explained that most is intended to be paid by taxes.

Biscuit then asked WHO pays taxes.  I told him that we already pay a tax of some sort on almost everything we buy. The rest of the taxes come from the money you earn when you work.

THIS is what my honor roll, gifted and talented son of only eight years old replied:

“I’m never gonna get a job and work then.  I can never pay all that back!”

I have no words of encouragement for this brilliant child with great dreams.  He already sees the problem.  I can’t say I blame him for his reaction.  I’m sure many already feel the same way.  Now there’s talk of a second “stimulus” package.

Come on, PLEASE, wake up.  Pull up the National Debt Clock and think about it.  Better yet, see what your eight year old thinks about it.


  1. How sad that our children feel that way about their future, but awesome that he sees it for what it is.

  2. Thanks Shannon! I just hope something turns around soon. I’d love to see my space obsessed boy go after his dreams instead of becoming complacent. I know you hope the same for yours.

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