Freak Accident in Family Leaves Me Powerless and Humble

The past five days have been unbelievably emotional, exhausting and downright freakish. I apologize up front, because I will likely make several posts back to back about the past few days.

To start with, last Wednesday we heard that Donald’s aunt suffered a stroke. Biscuit and Wrangler are absolutely NUTS about her and I’ve always thought she was the sweetest little lady I’ve ever met. I suppose it goes without saying that Donald was upset.

Thursday morning as I’m hitting my work groove, I get a phone call from my mom telling me that my uncle (who just happened to drop in for an unscheduled visit on Wednesday for about an hour) was hit by a car. It took me several minutes to realize that her level of panic was because his BODY was hit by a car… it wasn’t a normal car accident.

Apparently, he was driving to work behind a feed truck carrying molasses on the two lane divided loop around town. Somehow, the load became unstable and spilled molasses while my uncle was behind it. Unable to see and losing control of his vehicle, he hit the embankment. Stunned, he crawled out of his vehicle only to be struck by another driver that lost control of their vehicle when they hit the molasses. There’s no way to be certain how fast the car was going, but the speed limit on the loop is 60 MPH.

Now, my uncle is a HUGE man. He’s probably about 6’4 and even though he has recently lost weight, (and was looking better than I’ve seen him in years the day before the accident) he’s still a guy you’d worry about fighting if you were the last two people on earth and there was only ONE bread crumb left to eat. Let me paint the picture a little better for you… he’s an ex-professional wrestler. I’m not talking fake Hulk Hogan television wrestling, folks. I’m talking about the real deal with barbed clubs, chairs, cages and blood. The kind of wrestling that scares the living poop out of you if you happen to be sitting in the front row…

So, as of yesterday, he was doing better, with surgeries completed. His thigh bone was shattered and a steel plate was put in to replace the bone. He has pins in both wrists. His forehead looks like one of the cavemen from the Geico commercials or the new sitcom (if you watch it). He’s pretty heavily medicated on pain killers and is unable to ring the call light for a nurse by himself. We thought the worst was over and recovery was ahead.

Today, it was discovered that his pelvic bone is probably broken as well. It gets worse… now it’s determined that he’s bleeding internally but the hospital hasn’t determined where yet. He is now receiving blood transfusions.

Through this ordeal, there has been many family members in and out as well as his friends, coworkers and church members. I’ve felt very helpless and the most help I’ve been able to be is keeping his daughter overnight the night of the accident. My mother and I also took her, another young cousin and my boys out to McDonald’s on Friday after school. We then took the kids to see the Bee Movie on Saturday then back to my house for pizza and playing.

I know that his injuries are so severe that it will be an extremely long recovery and much help will be needed from our family and community to get him and his family through it. I hope that I can be of help then because he’s never hesitated to drop everything he’s doing and come running to help me or my children when I’ve been in trouble.

Because I can think of nothing else I can do to make a difference now, I have decided that I will go down and donate blood tomorrow. Even though the odds are small that my blood will actually be used for him, it makes me feel good to know that I’ll be helping to refill what he has used for the next person that may desperately need it. What do you when you feel powerless and helpless in a family crisis?


  1. Your uncle has my prayers for a complete healing. (That’s what I do when I feel powerless and helpless.) Smooch.

  2. {{{HUGS}}} Chele. It’s hard to know what to do other than just be there and help where you can, like taking care of his daughter. You’re doing everything you can. Wishing your uncle a speedy full recovery.

  3. I remember hearing you twitter about this. I’m praying for your family.

  4. Hi Chele – I just foound your blog today and I’m bookmarking it!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle…I pray he is on the mend.

    The name of your blog is precious…as a wife, working mom of TWO, a wannabeworking at home mom, and entrepreneur I love your “voice” and I especially love the title of your blog (without which I would have likely been a working mom of 11!!)

    Talk to you soon,


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