God Waits Tables at the Chinese Buffet

First, let me just say right up front, on Sunday, I like to take it easy. I like to stay in bed and sleep, watch tv, veg out and just be as lazy as possible all day. Donald and some coworkers decided to play golf this morning and he took Biscuit with him. This blew my lazy day out of the water because Wrangler was upset about not getting to go. So I told him that we would eat at the China Star buffet to make up for it then we’d go to Dollar General and buy twisty balloons to make balloon animals when we were done. This pleased him, of course!

First, I must compliment Wrangler because he tried a variety of several foods that he has never eaten before and liked most of them. The buffet was packed with several people that had just left church and a family of Mennonites sat next to us. Because I am more of a spiritual person than a religious member, my two younger children have only attended church with my grandmother, and that was quite a while ago so they don’t think quite the same as other “Sunday School” taught children.

As we were finishing our meal and enjoying our “Mommy and Me” time, the waiter returned with the bill and fortune cookies. Fortune cookies were another new experience for Wrangler, so I showed him how to break it and pull the fortune out. I read his fortune to him as he ate his cookie: Your creative imagination will be useful in achieving your goals this week.

So after I explained what his imagination was and how he has an extremely healthy one, he got very serious and said, “Mom, I know who God is”. I swear, I could FEEL every church-goer in the room lean closer to hear this… I calmly ask, “Really? Who is it?” He points to the waiter and says, “That man that speaks Spanish and brought me my fortune! How else could he know about my ‘magination unless he was God?”

Yeah, everyone was speechless. I smiled and said, “Honey, this is a Chinese restaurant and the man speaks Chinese, but I’m not sure he’s God.” To this he answers as if I’m the most ignorant person in the room, “I KNOW he’s God. I’ve seen God before and he has a beard just like the fortune cookie man.”

So there you have it folks. God is a waiter at the Chinese Buffet. 😀


  1. I love it! That is just plain adorable. Andrew and I love Chinese food. Up until a couple years ago, Andrew’s fortune was always the same. It wasn’t until the last year or two that he realized I have been making it up this whole time. His fortune was always, “Mommy loves Andrew.” :)

  2. He might have something there… I never have my dirty dishes cleared faster than at a Chinese Buffet and you know… cleanliness is next to godliness. 😉

  3. Too cute. Do you live near me? LOL. We have a dollar general right beside the China Star Buffet. Maybe they’re partners?? :)


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