He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?

OK, OK, OKAY! So the title is a leetle bit deceiving.  And this post is a weetle bit late in explaining.

After the photo of the wedding date text I shared a few weeks ago for Wordless Wednesday, it’s probably obvious that he loves me. I’m pretty sure.

It’s not that I doubted it really, but it does explain some of my funkiness the past few months. And IT would be…

  • The economy tanked.
  • Up is down, down is up and now vertical is horizontal.
  • Everyone flunked and got an F in managing their checkbooks and credit cards (except me, cuz I was already broke anyway).
  • The world is heading to hell in hand basket.
  • We freaked out a tad. That sorta thing, ya know?

It’s enough to make anyone panic and second guess THE next step in anything. Gloom and doom and panic and job losses, business is slow, blah, blah, blah — We interrupt this program already in progress to bring you the latest news: the economy is STILL tanking — yadda, yadda, yadda!

  • Should we get married?
  • Should we wait it out?

So we decided (after I told the entire internet and a few people that won’t get up to speed with technology the old fashion way, of course) to put the wedding plans on hold.

Then I got all irritated and decided it was stupid to wait if we truly love each other. There’s a part in most vows where you agree to love each other for better or worse.

HELLO? Can’t we just get worse part over with first?

I ever so sweetly demanded, “Don’t you LOVE ME ENOUGH NOW!?”

And apparently he agreed. So… we were left with a last minute wedding to prepare for.

Yes… I’m GETTING MARRIED! Again! Really.

So far, everything is in place for a simple, private wedding. I hope!

The darling “quiet” family has sponsored (I’m giggling with glee!) my wedding by providing me with a gorgeous dress. You can actually hear Annette tell how she wiggled her family into this situation in the Tell Me Thursday Friendship Test episode.  The dress was sewn by two very talented and lovely daughters, Miss Tara and Miss Kathryn. Quiet Mom Annette provided the shopping and supervision (hehe) and Mr. Quiet even drove the dress to the Post Office in the snow. What a great family!

The rings are ready. The license is ready. I’m pretty sure I’m ready.

Just gotta get the man to the church. I wonder if he’s sorry he taught my boys how to shoot yet? 😉

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The economy should never be a reason to marry, or not marry. I’m excited for you both, and wish you many happy, fruitful, and successful years ahead of you!

  2. Wow I had no idea that you had put wedding plans on hold even (guess I need to start catching up on my blog reading!) but I’m glad to hear that things are no longer on hold. Can’t wait to see pictures of your dress – I know it’s going to be beautiful.

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