Juicy Juice May Cause Pregnancy

According to Biscuit anyway…

Wrangler: Mom what is this word on my juice box?
Michele: The word is ‘questions’.
Wrangler: Not that word, Mom. The one under it.
Michele: ‘Preguntas’… that’s the Spanish word for ‘questions’.  You can learn Spanish while you drink your juice.  Neat, huh?
Wrangler: I guess. Biscuit said it means this juice can make you pregnant!

Who knew?  All this time I thought I was providing 100% juice.  Nothing artificial.  Well… at least there’s no added sugar!  😉

Speaking of Juicy Juice… I just surfed over to their site after giggling about our little birds and bees conversation (sorta) and noticed that they have several special offers at the moment.

They even HAD a video contest for kids.  Darn! Why didn’t I have the video camera rolling when this conversation happened?


  1. Stay away from that juice! Unless you want more little boys… I bet they’d be adorable with that hot man of yours 😉


  2. I am still laughing, kids are absolutely hilarious! Mine love Juicy Juice but we never saw the “preguntas” part. It does sound like pregnant and it would be logical for a kid to come to that conclusion. It would have been so funny to catch that moment with a video camera and send it to the company. I sometimes wish I had a camera all the time to capture those precious and funny things my kids say and do.


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