My Kids LOVE Fun on the Ark

Making A WishI became familiar with Fun on the Ark after recently getting to know Annette Yen thru Twitter. The odd thing is that I’ve known of and worked with her over the years virtually, but I was never socially active enough to become personally acquainted with her. What a HUGE LOSS for me. It makes me sad to think of all the time I could have been enjoying such wonderful friendship with her.

StuffingAnyway, to get to the point… because of my friendship with Annette, I’ve also become more aware of Fun on the Ark, it’s adorably stuffable critters and her mission at Critters Who Care to help children in unfortunate situations. I helped Annette run a contest at Moms Love Shopping in December to donate stuffable critters to children in the Hospice program.

Some of these children are terminally ill and others have a parent in the program that is terminally ill. Annette donates her critters to these children to help them cope. You can read some of the great stories that are being reported back to Annette about the success of Critters Who Care.

Closing The AnimalsSoon after Christmas, my children received their own critters from Fun on the Ark . Now, most 13 year old boys would probably consider an activity such as this with his mom and little brothers “uncool”. The two little ones sleep with their new critters and my oldest says he’s keeping it to remember our Christmas together this year (he currently lives two states away with his father during the school year).

We Love Fun on the Ark!So, I say to you… if my children enjoyed these critters and treasured them to this extent, can you imagine what these animals mean to a child that Annette donates animals to for grief therapy?

How can you help? I’m so glad you asked. You can find more information and get in touch with Annette to sponsor Critters Who Care.

On the other hand, if you know of a child that would benefit from this type of therapy, you can contact Annette to recommend children in need of stuffed animals.


  1. Great pictures. It’s got me thinking about whether or not my son would like to do something like this. He’s not generally into stuffed animals but he loves ‘creating’ things and building things so creating/building a stuffed animal just might fall under that umbrella!

    Annette is a wonderful person to get to know, I totally agree!

  2. I absolutely love Twitter and I have tons of friends on there but have definitely gotten to know some of them better b/c of Twitter.

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