Obama and Clinton

Dear Democratic Presidential Candidates (and voters):

This has been bothering me for awhile. I start it, then I delete it. It’s just such a touchy topic. The more touchy the topic becomes, the more it bothers me.

First of all, let me state for the record, I voted for one of you, but I’m not 100% certain I’d trust either of you as far as I can throw you. I could have voted Republican, but I’m not impressed with our front runner there either. I voted for the one of you I think will get the job done. It had nothing to do with your sex or race.

Despite the fact that I’m not tickled pink by either you, I took my right to vote very seriously. I even took my two youngest children with me and let them be part of the voting process to ensure they grow up and take their right to vote seriously. I’d like to think I voted for the best person, but this constant bickering and refusal to team up or bow down is enough to make a person want to slap their Grandma.

Politics are dirty. We’ve all accepted it. We might not like it, but we see a long history of proof. I don’t see that changing any time soon. So why don’t we just cut the crap and stop acting “Holier than thou”?

While we’re at it, let’s stop dancing around some specific issues. If people are dancing around these issues now, we’ll only be more divided when either of you are President. Please, give us a break. Let’s get it over with now and get this country back on track.

Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton:

I’m so sick of hearing what a bitch Hillary is. What choice have you left her? If Hillary shows compassion , you accuse her of being too soft. If she’s firm, you make remarks about hormones. Frankly, in my house, sometimes it takes a bit of PMS to get the job done.

I’m so sick of hearing what a liar she is. Maybe she is. It’s not a great trait, I agree, but aren’t we all liars to some degree? Some of our most loved Presidents were also liars. I can assure you Barack Obama has also told a lie or two.

I’m sick of hearing her say she doesn’t agree with what her supporters say about Obama to save face. At the same time, it’s not like she can agree with them or she’ll be accused of racism. Let me remind you, one of these supporters was NOT white . She was Hispanic and her feelings were valid.

Let’s talk about Barack Obama:

The man gives a good speech. It’s called Persuasive Speaking. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to not be moved by his words, but I’ve been married to man that had a way with words. He was all talk and the beautiful dream he weaved exploded like a mine field. Can Obama put his money where his mouth is? Can he deliver or will we be left to clean up the mess after we discover he isn’t a saint?

Obama had a very unique childhoood abroad and a blended family. You’d think this would be a positive aspect for us all, but what do you really know about him? Have you read his book, Dreams From My Father ? There seems to be a denial of his true biracial self and white family background and upbringing. Can someone so conflicted with himself be the person to unite us all as a nation?

If race truly isn’t an issue for Obama or voters, why do so many tiptoe around the issue? Those that voice anything related to race are pegged a racist . Some are so diligent in trying to prove how much the issue doesn’t matter that they fail to see they are being racist in exactly the opposite end of the spectrum.

So what am I saying?

It’s all verbal vomit. Let’s stop talking about man vs. woman and black vs. white so we can fix our country or find a way to convince Oprah to run for President and solve the entire idiotic situation. We can then listen to voters bitch and moan about how a celebrity has no business running our country (Ronald Regan was an actor and successful President, so why not?).


  1. You raise a LOT of good points, Chele! It’s getting harder and harder to sort through the BS and figure out what these candidates REALLY are about. For some reason all that filters through my brain is all the bad things they can say about each other. How about some real issues???

    And that goes for ALL politicians, not just democrats. Also, we teach our kids that it’s not nice to call people names, so why on earth do we accept it as acceptable practice for grown adults who should know better?

  2. You raised some good points Chele. I have issues with this year’s presidential race but for some very different reasons than ‘you. Let’s just say I’m far more conservative than any of those running for president so I just wonder who the lesser of the evils are. It truly scares me what the future of our country could hold.

  3. Why is it that when a man is aggressive he’s strong, but when a woman is, she’s a bitch? I feel for Hilary and think she’s handling herself well. As far as Obama, I think you’re right Chele. He’s a good talker – a sales man. And he has great PR.
    We need to stop looking at who is black or white, who is man or woman, and start looking at who is a leader. That is who we need to run our country.

  4. As a Canadian who is affected quite a bit by the political climate and government in the United States, there is no perfection. I’ve never met a politician I’d stand behind 100%. It’s tough in the U.S. because it seems like mud-slinging is encouraged (or even required…LOL) and it gets to tough see what’s really going on.

    Regardless, I am hopeful that your upcoming election will bring about some positive changes that are very much needed…for both the American people and us to the North.

  5. Great post Chele! Very well said and oh so true the points you brought up. I’m ashamed to admit that at 33 I have never used my right to vote. I decided that this was the year I was going to start because it is my right and something I should of taken seriously way before now. The thing is being ‘new’ to all this political stuff I’m overwhelmed with everything and have no clue which candidate is feeding a line of BS or being true. It’s definitely a hard decision to make. And I certainly WILL NOT vote for someone because of their race or sex, that isn’t even something that I’m paying attention to. Sure I think it’d be cool to have a woman for president but that doesn’t make me want to vote for Hilary just because she’s a woman.

  6. I’m sick of all the sexist bull crap that has been going around. I’ve seen so much about Hillary being a bitch, being the devil and NO ONE can say anything remotely as insulting about Obama without holy living hell coming down on them. And that’s how it SHOULD be but it should be the same for her, too.

    I have to agree that they both have their faults, but I have my opinion on who would run this country better and sadly I don’t think they’ll get it…I can imagine you’ve got a good guess who I’m talking about. You will when you read the rest of this comment. LOL

    I know there is still racism in this country. I know that each race has their biggots. But I’ve seen a lot more blatant sexism during this election and it turns my stomach. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve logged into my yahoo page and seen the popular pic of the day being Hillary in front of a devil face.

    I went to a site that has election gear for sale … everyday people like you and I create the stuff to sell. I browse around Obama’s stuff and it’s all glowing and wonderful and sweet and perfect. Change this and hope that.

    I browse through Hillary’s and it’s a good mix of nice and down right disgusting and hateful. One even said “bro’s before ho’s”! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Can you imagine what would happen if someone created a shirt about Obama using some rasicist term? Maybe they have, but I’ve never run into one. How in the world is it alright to call Hillary a HO?!

    Listen, I’m not saying that there aren’t some nasty things being said about Obama behind closed doors or even in public (although I’ve personally not heard anything as bad as what has been directed towards Hillary in public), but the things that have been said about Hillary anger me….probably more so because it’s rare that anyone publically stand up and call fowl about the whole thing.

    I’m just saddened by it all. Even my husband has noticed how sexist our country (or maybe I should say the media and those who create tshirts (lol) are) is. I’ve never been one of those feminist that call fowl on things going on with women…until this election…when it has been slapped across my face how far we still have to come as women.

    UGH, Sorry to rant on top of your rant. 😉 I guess I’ve really needed to get this off my shoulders. Hope you didn’t mind too much 😉

  7. I raise my glass to Nell. I tried to keep my post neutral as well, but I’m pretty sure you could figure out who I voted for as well. :-)

    I’m loving all your comments. I especially find Alyssa’s interesting. I never thought about it that way, but I’m sure you aren’t the only one basing your vote on those feelings.

    No matter who eventually wins the Presidency, they will no doubt to damage somewhere at some time. It’s inevitable because as humans, we all do it. The thing is though, we’ve got to decide which person we can count on in a crisis and not blow pretty smelling flowers up our butts while we get sucked down the drain.

    I personally think Obama has missed his real calling. Do you see it? I do. I hope he realizes it before it’s killed by politics.

  8. Nell – good rant but Obama or his declared supporters aren’t to blame for the Hillary issue – he and even McCain in some respects are as strong a candidate as she is. But there is a terrible problem in this country when it comes to women leaders. I have been commenting for years about this unfounded hatred of Hillary. Sadly I’ve seen this in corporate America all too often. I’ve worked under some really wonderful female corporate leaders. In fact in my humble opinion they worked far harder than their male counter parts and predecesors…yet they were called every nasty name in the book because of their decisiveness and thoroughness.

    Totally unfair. But that’s where we are in our cultural evolution. Because I’ve been embroiled in this Hillary issue for years, it’s not shocking to me. I know this is the stuff we’ve got to work through. I’m currently part of a group trying to do something about violence against women in the media and you’d be shocked at how blase some men (and even women) are about this.

    Anyhow I thought I’d add that these are by far not the WORST candidates we’ve had. There have been plenty of inept presidents in recent years and I think the current slate of candidates outdo many of those gentlemen.

  9. Pakistan – a Muslim nation had a woman leader years and years ago. Not saying it was easy for her (God bless her soul) but we, a (supposedly) advanced, modernized first world nation still have issues about women leaders… makes you wonder doesn’t it?


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