RIP & Good Riddance to My Childhood Memories

In the past, I’ve had some harsh things to say about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Before you think I’m waffling on those words, I’m not. Here’s a refresher, because you probably missed what I had to say a few years ago on the subject:

I’m not a total Michael Jackson hater. Really. I grew up with Michael and sang along with him just like many of you did. I attempted his moves and I giggled every time he squealed and grabbed his crotch area. Honestly, I still can’t believe that my mother bought his music and allowed us to watch his videos. I guess in some way she thought he was my generation’s Elvis and didn’t want to deprive us of the moment.

I watched Michael evolve into a human freak show as I grew up. I think he was HOT before he manipulated his face and his skin mysteriously whitened. I honestly believe the pressure to do the next unbelievable thing for attention and keep him in the media was really the reason for most of the things he did.

I think Michael’s success and attention grabbing antics greatly contributed to making him a victim of frivolous lawsuits and blackmail.


All the negative, shady speculation and accusations about his inappropriate behavior with children can’t be untrue. I could see maybe one or two children being manipulated by their parents, stretching the truth or blatantly lying. Again, in those cases, I said manipulated by their parents for monetary opportunities.


My instinct says Michael took advantage of his celebrity position to be inappropriate with children.

Here’s something you probably don’t know…

As a victim of child molestation myself, making a huge national news story of the situation is probably the last thing you’d ever want. It’s embarrassing enough to tell your parents. It’s too shameful to tell your friends about. It haunts you forever, even when it’s a secret between only you and your violator.

There’s only a few reasons to motivate you to tell someone.

  1. You don’t know how else to make it stop.
  2. You want to protect others – such as your siblings.

I was violated by two different individuals as a child. The first I never reported because I stayed clear of being put in the situation again. The second offender couldn’t be avoided. I told because I wanted it to stop and I wanted my sister and other young family members to be safe. The situation was handled quietly but I still had to see the offender often enough. To this day, my own children have been in this person’s presence about three times, and I have never been sweet to the person or left them alone with my children.

I have great respect for families that prosecute child violators and protect their children and future child victims. I have the greatest respect for the victim for speaking up and making it stop.

I don’t think there is any excuse for being sexually inappropriate with a child in any way. I don’t care who you are, what your past experiences are, or what pressures you face in your daily life. This includes Michael.

That being said, rest in peace, Michael. Goodbye to a wonderful childhood memory that made me giggle and pushed me forward to be unique and awesome despite the odds.

And finally, good riddance, Michael. Goodbye to the man that awakened my childhood nightmares that I longed to forget. Goodbye to the man that reminded me every bright person has his own dark side.


  1. I’m not feeling much about his death. I know that might sound horrible, but I didn’t like his music, I didn’t grow up with him, and all the child sex abuse “accusations” turned my stomach.


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  2. […] been a bittersweet week of thinking back on my personal childhood memories in many ways. Goodbye Farrah. Thanks for being a part of my good […]

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