Steamed – Why is HIS Body Hidden & Not Hers?

Usually, I can avoid it anywhere but watching TV. I’m talking about the nakedness or darn near, might as well be nakedness of women splashed everywhere.

I have tried to talk to David about this (if another person tells me to lighten up and quit being insecure, I’m gonna scream) and it just makes me more irritated. He says men feel as insecure about their chests when men are shown with fabulous chests and washboard stomachs. I have to give him brownie points for trying to show understanding but I think he’s full of poop and it was good for a laugh.

Here’s what irritates me the most. When was the last time you were watching television and a man walked by naked? When was the last time you saw his rear end? When was the last time you saw one in his underwear? Not that often, right?

It’s not that I’m dying to see naked men (I understand that I could subscribe to special channels or magazines if I’m that hard up for viewing men’s bodies) it’s just that I don’t understand the double standard. Why flaunt women’s bodies everywhere in teeny panties and bras or topless and then show the man always covered? Why are men’s bodies and sexuality protected and not women’s bodies?

Anyway, back to what got me steamed up and motivated this little rant…

I went to the Dryel website to download coupons. On their home page I see a man and woman in their underwear waiting for the laundry. Big words, “Does the cost of dry cleaning get you steamed? Getting steamy at home is more fun.” She’s fully viewable in her skimpy undies with butt cleavage and his underwear and buttocks are covered with a blip “Free to wear what you want, whenever you want…”

REALLY? What’s the big deal about HIS underwear and butt cleavage? Why not cover hers instead of accenting hers? Are women only viewable as sex objects?

Does this irritate anyone else?

Anyway, if you want the coupon to get steamy in your own underwear:
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  1. Well, I get steamed at the lack of clothing in all types of advertising, tv, magazines at the grocery store, etc., but I agree – sure seems to be a pretty big double standard!

  2. I’m seeing a lot more total butt shots of women on main stream cable now too. Like on the E channel or even on VH1 and their videos. You can just be scrolling through the channels and, BAM, butt’s in your face.

    Soon this country will turn into the European countries that allow full on nudity on their programs. I don’t see how anyone can look at the progression of nudity on TV and not come to that same conclusion.


  3. Noted. Women’s bodies are more attractive probably.

    Also, don’t get me started on why it’s ‘gross’ for a mother to discreetly nurse her baby, but boobs are splattered everywhere – at the checkout counter, etc. My sons have made comments about how inappropriate the magazines at the grocery store are. But if they see a woman nursing in public I have to stop them from going up and oohing and aahing over the baby!

  4. Funny, I have thought exactly the opposite! I often, well, not that often, because I don’t watch much TV. Anyway, it seems to me that women are definitely the attraction, but that more and more, men are shown bare chested and the focus is on them.
    One time my daughter, who is 22, commented that if men could be shown bare-chested why not women? I said, “well, there is quite a bit of difference there you know.” She quickly agreed and gave up the argument.

  5. i agree with Carrie. Maybe because most men like to look women’s body than women looking at men’s body or so I heard.

  6. I so totally agree with your comments about female nudity. Even when you watch figure skating or lots of sporting events like volleyball, the women are always nearly nude while the me have full gear on. It’s such a double standard.

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