Tell Me Thursday: PMS = Hubby Makes Dinner

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PMS = Hubby Makes Dinner

Obviously, it all started with my having PMS and being a total grouch. In fact, this past year, my PMS has been worse than EVER. It has been so bad that I can’t even stand being in my own body! Midol helps alot, but generally I don’t realize I need it until I’ve already removed everyone’s head in the house. :-(

So, on this particular night, Donald decided to spare the guys in the house some additional “wrath of mom” by making dinner. When I say make dinner, I have to mention that I still had to go in the kitchen to make tea. It totally irritates me that I seem to make tea all day long and I’ll be lucky to get one glass before the jug is empty again. I’ve told Donald how to make it MY way but he refuses and says I make it best.

So, while I’m having the “tea fit” AGAIN, he starts preparing everyone’s plates. I finish making the tea, filling the glasses and go to sit down at the table to find my own little dinner of… b*tch bread – compliments of my sweet, patient, irritating husband.

Yeah, I laughed. The bread had FANGS. How could I not at least crack a smile? 😀

Are you suffering from PMS attacks as well? Visit for some helpful ideas to help manage the time of the month when your fangs and claws appear.


  1. that is hilarious!

  2. Ah…you have a “You do it best” hubby too hu? 😉

  3. Well, this story behind the picture just made me crack up! Everyone around here knows “the wrath of mom.” It’s not pretty.

  4. It’s so cool that you guys have a sense of humor. Even when PMS rears its fangs — you smiled and saw the humor in it. That’s what makes a marriage last! (I do hope you hit him on the arm first, before you laughed, though!) He sounds like a neat man, and reminds me of my hubby — patient, even when I’m being “hell-wife”. lol. Great blog. Thanks for the smiles!

  5. Way too funny! I need to show this to my husband.

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