The Wedding Dress Breast Reduction

We wanted to be sure the dress would fit before all the final touches were put into place, so we planned a “rough draft” fitting. It didn’t take long for the designing diva and her sewing sensation sister to whip up the rough draft of my wedding dress and mail it to me.

I believe the term “Mail Order Bride” now has a new meaning for me now… it took longer for the mail man to deliver the dress than it took the girls to put it together!

I was dreaming of the rough draft dress coming and being so perfect that I wouldn’t want to return it. By the time it arrived, I was so excited that I had to calm myself before opening it. It WAS gorgeous. It was like my dream. It was going on MY body!

AND THEN… (insert a horrible screeching noise right here)

MY BOOBS SHRANK! Or the girls were kindly TOO generous. Or something. I couldn’t believe my boobs could do this to me!

I tried to take some photos to show the girls what we were dealing with. Then I was afraid my photos would find their way into a porn hall of shame. Hehe! So, we pulled out the Flip camera and made a video to show the girls that I needed a breast reduction!

Then we made another video showing how it should fit.

I had my mother pin the dress where the girls would need to take it  in and make it smaller. Then I popped it back in the mail, paid overnight shipping and crossed my fingers that they could get the changes made and finish the dress in time.


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