The Wedding Dress Project Begins

If you don’t know the story so far, here’s a quick recap:

  1. I announced my engagement to the the world.
  2. Everything was perfect and wonderful!
  3. I freaked out.
  4. Then WE freaked out and put it on hold. Then we decided to “JUST DO IT” at the last minute!
  5. I told my dear friend Annette and whammo… she started a dress making project for her daughters! You can hear us talk about it at our little pet project, Tell Me Thursday.

Got it? Good! Now, let’s talk about this dress that the lovely “Quiet Family” has generously bestowed upon me, shall we?

cheledress2jpgChoosing the Pattern
Yeah, I drove Annette crazy with links to all sorts of patterns. I wanted simple yet elegant. I wanted something special but something I could wear again. Then I found a lovely pattern from years ago on Etsy! The dress could be worn with a lace jacket to fancy it up and be worn with a more casual jacket later… nice! Thanks for selling it, Glamorous Vintage Lindsey!

pattern2It was perfect until I decided I didn’t like the jacket that would go with it when I wore it after the wedding. Annette found an updated version of the same style with a jacket I preferred later. We even decided that we liked the length and fullness of the dress in the second pattern better. With two patterns, we were set!

  • We had a little over a month.
  • I live in Texas. She lives in Illinois.
  • What could go wrong? 😉

You can read Annette’s more eloquent version and keep up with the project on her blog as well. Read her version of the Wedding Dress Pattern.

It’s like she’s a saint. Or something. I think so anyway!


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