This Explains My Warped Sense of Humor

Holidays in my family get a little interesting.  We don’t always agree with each other or approve of what the other does, but we put it all aside at the holidays for a little fun. 

Each year, at least one person gets a gag gift in the family.  It’s sort of like a contest to see who can out do last year’s gag and see who can achieve the reddest face.  Whatever happens, we all remember it’s done in fun and love and the recipient always plays along and hams it up for the camera.  When we go back down memory lane, we always have lots of laughs. 

This is a snippet of last year’s Christmas gag.  The recipients were my younger sister and myself… and the gag gift giver was our own mother.  My sister and I haven’t always seen eye to eye and we’ve had some nasty words, but it’s good to know we can put it aside and laugh together. 

Warning… this may be offensive to some.  In my family, it’s good clean fun.  It’s definitely rated G compared to some of the movies your children may watch.

You can make your own free studio quality video at Animoto.


  1. Ok that cracks me up! Wish my family did something fun like gag gifts.

  2. Oh that was funny! What an original family tradition…hmm much to think about for Christmas morning this year!

  3. Christmas at your house looks like a HOOT!!! Great Video

  4. Nothing like a good gag for laughs

  5. What a great idea! Love the pannies over the jeans 😉 …don’t you just love the word “pannies?”

  6. tee hee!


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