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Blowing Kisses

I originally posted the Blowing Kisses photo over a month ago with great intentions of closing a chapter of my life and starting a new page. The funny thing is, I became paralyzed with paranoia and couldn’t publicly say it.

For those that aren’t aware, I have recently divorced. Although I knew my relationship had deteriorated and I started making the necessary transitional changes in advance, I suppose I underestimated the roller coaster of events that were still to come after I started my new life.

Obviously, I became very quiet during the divorce. The thing is, I expected myself to return to “normal” immediately after it was final and that just didn’t happen. When everything is completely different from where you live to the number of people in your household, how can you honestly be “normal” again? Who was I fooling? Who was I in the past and who am I going to become? Then the paranoia problem continued to plague me. Would the ex-hubby be reading what I say?

After completely disappearing from all my online friends and scaring the poop out of a few of them, I had a really open phone conversation with my good friend Kelly McCausey. Sometimes just spewing your silly fears out loud to someone else is the best way to come to your senses. The next morning I knew that it didn’t matter if the ex-hubby wants to read what I say. It’s time to stop holding myself hostage.

It’s time to kiss my old life goodbye and say hello to the new beginnings that are in store for me. Goodbye old life. Goodbye.


  1. Awe… good-bye kisses can be so bittersweet sometimes :)

  2. Wow Chele. Sorry to hear about the divorce. It’s good to see you back around, you’ve been missed :-)

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