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Tell Me Thursday for: Bye Bye Birdie

This isn’t your average baby bird falling from the nest story. Nuh uh. Far from it!

One afternoon I had the sliding glass screen door to the patio open and heard the strangest unnerving noise followed by the most annoying squealing of my two youngest sons.

The boys were standing over the chickens (remember those adorable little chicks they talked me into?) and freaking out. I couldn’t see what the chickens were doing for the boys, but I could tell they were really making a fuss…

So I run out there and these #%$! chickens each have in their beaks a defenseless baby bird that fell from a nest and they’re yanking at it in a horrid game of 4-way tug of war!

I chase the chickens away and try to figure out what to do. I couldn’t see the nest from the ground but I also knew I couldn’t leave the bird where it was or the chickens would attack it again. So I did what any well meaning mother would do. I brought the bird in the house in hopes of protecting it and nursing it back to health.

Obviously, the birdie didn’t make it.

The boys were crushed when they came home from school the next day and wanted to have a funeral for the bird immediately. I asked David to help the boys while I got the camera. I was so impressed that they chose a lovely spot in the flower bed and David prepared a tombstone for it. Wrangler even dug the hole himself with my little gardening shovel.

How’s the chickens doing you ask? They aren’t even cute anymore. Just annoying, trouble making birds that crap all over the patio and peck any living creature that gets in their path. This includes the family dog.

After my sweet dog started yelping one evening and I went to the patio to open the door and see what was wrong, she nearly knocked me over while running to get inside the house (she’s an outside dog). The chickens were attacking her!

The boys and David got busy the next day building the chickens their very own prison. Didn’t they do a great job?
Chicken Prison
Now the patio stays clean and all the backyard wildlife is safe again.

We ended up with 2 roosters and 2 hens. The dang roosters learned to crow this week. Why won’t they just shut up already? I think I’ll be inviting my grandmother over to teach me to prepare a rooster from the from coop to the frying pan soon. Those darn hens better get to laying eggs or they’re next!


  1. LMAO Roosters crowing in my backyard would NOT be a good thing. That noise is the most annoying thing in the world! Aww how sad that the chickens were playing tug-a-war with that little birdie.

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