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Couch Time With Kelly McCausey

I must confess… I took great joy in poking fun at Kelly McCausey in this post and making you wonder at the same time. I even waited til the very last minutes of Thursday to tell the story. I guess that’s just my mischievous streak. 😉

Ok, it all started during a conversation on Mom’s Morning Show about Wordless Wednesday photos. During this conversation, Kelly stated her pet peeves about photos and what types of photos she deemed “not worthy” because they weren’t interesting enough to be wordless.

The irony is that the first time Kelly participated, she posted a photo of her sofa. Not that it was an ugly sofa, in fact, it was quite lovely and cozy… but other than that, I wondered what the big deal was? So now I’m doomed to tease her for eternity about her sofa photo.

The other thing is, Kelly is probably one of my favorite online friends. It really sucks that we live so far apart. I imagine sitting on my couch someday and shooting the breeze with Ms. McCausey about life, business and the infamous couch photo.

I’ll say, “Hey, you opened your big mouth and besides, it’s so much fun making you eat your words” to which she’ll raise her eyebrow, look at me and say, “Stick a fork in it; it’s done!


  1. ha ha…you are such a breath of fun, fresh air Chele! Thanks for the great pic and the great post.

  2. What a great story behind the photo! LOL

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