TMT: Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Tell Me Thursday for: Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

On first glimpse of yesterday’s photo, you probably thought it was some average photo. And boy were you wrong! That photo told a lot of little stories! This is just getting interesting and will require more photos to tell the story…

GollumFirst of all, that lovely brunette would be my younger sister. We’ve never really gotten along until she had two children of her own. Giving birth must loosen ya up a bit, I guess. 😉 She’s the baby of the family so you can imagine she was quite a little pill. You’ve seen the movie, Lord of the Rings or read the books, right? Well, I imagine my sister as always being THE RING that Gollum/Sméagol always called “The Precious” and everyone that made a fuss over her was… well you know who! Now, let’s take another look at that photo from yesterday, shall we?


Oh yeah, aren’t you just FEELING the love now? Mmmm Hmmm. So, it’s New Year’s Eve and might I add, one of the few times I’ve ever been in a bar. I’ve NEVER been to a bar or partied with my sister. Mostly cuz I was a goody-goody and she was a brat, but I digress… We’re in the bar because my new beau, David, is a drummer (I know, how cool am I?) and was playing a gig that night. Because this is just a Kodak moment for my sister and me, my brother-in-law takes a photo. While we are posing, we notice this creepy guy watching us (boy was I creeped out when I got home and saw that he became part of our Kodak moment thanks to the mirror behind us!).


You’d think playing in the band and getting paid to impress your girlfriend while on a date at the same time would be really cool (not to mention it’s the one time you can break that ol’ rule about dancing with the one that brought ya), right? That’s what I thought, too! The first time I went to one of David’s gigs, he told me straight up that he wanted me to have a great time. He said he’d feel bad if I sat there all night being bored so to dance if I was asked and I wanted to do it. He said, “It doesn’t bother me and I don’t get jealous”. Boy, did I dance! ALOT. Guess who got jealous that very night? Yeah. David.

next contestant

Anyhow, Mr. Creepy gets brave and starts talking to me, The Precious and my brother-in-law. At first I think he’s just drunk and irritating. Then I watch him put an enormous tip in the band’s tip jar. Then he comes back and asks MOI to dance. I politely decline and tell him I’m with the drummer. Mr. Creepy insists. Finally, I feel guilty and tell him I will dance only ONE dance with him. About five seconds after we reach the dance floor, he tells me that he just got home from fighting the war. I’m thinking to myself, “Mr. Creepy is kinda old to be a soldier that just got home” when I notice he has on a special hat for being awarded a Purple Heart. Just when I’m starting to feel terrible, he thanks me for the dance (the song isn’t even half way over) and tells me that he’d hate for my boyfriend to attack him with his drum sticks.

Oh yeah… did I mention that I rarely drink? And when I do, it takes me all night to finish ONE drink (unless it’s a Kamakazi & then I lose count cuz they fit in a shot glass, ya know?).

drink up

After I return from our “half dance”, Mr. Creepy AKA Purple Heart sends me two more of the same drink I’ve been nursing since the band started setting up at least two hours before. He then leans over and tells me that he’d die for me (and for The Precious and her husband, too). David has been watching all this while he’s playing the drums and you can tell by his face that he’s getting upset. He starts mouthing very dramatically so that I can read his lips from across the room in dark, “Is he bothering you? I’ll come over there and take care of it right now”. At this point, I mouth back, “It’s OK, really… just play”. So, my brother-in-law decides to keep me out of trouble by playing some cell phone games. Let’s just say I’ll never think of Santa the same ever again… 😉


David gets a break and sits at the table with me to get the scoop on Mr. Creepy. Mr. Creepy comes over and tells him that he’d die for David too and he hoped David didn’t have hard feelings against him dancing with me. Whew… close call. Thank goodness Mr. Creepy disappeared after that. Unfortunately, I’ll never live it down with The Precious and my brother-in-law about how I always attract the crazy ones. LOL

Maybe some day I’ll tell you about the New Year’s kiss later that night that hijacked the entire band… 😉

in your eyes

Did you make it this far? I’m impressed. Now let’s see how well you were paying attention. In the telling of this story, there were two songs titles mentioned. Did you notice them? What were they? Get it right and your next box of birth control is on me! LOL


  1. I don’t know, Chele. Are you sure your three boys are good birth control enough? You both have such great chemistry its oozing (great word, eh?) off the screen.

    VERY interesting (and long, might I add?) story behind your WW. lol And for the record, you are one cool a** chic. I would love to hit the dance floor with ya, so long as hottie didn’t get upset and want to kick my butt. ha :)


  2. Ah ha… I knew the guy in the picture had something to do with the story! This is better than All My Children – well… maybe :-). Great story… d’ya think Mr. Creepy reads blogs?

  3. You are a fabulous story teller, hey I want to go out with you, sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Hehehehe What a crazy story behind your WW! I loved it. And just for the record I didn’t pick up on the 2 song titles but that’s ok cause I’m on a major MAN DIET and don’t need birth control anyways 😉 ROFLOL You wouldn’t want to go out with me cause I’d totally steal those drinks that were taking you all night to nurse – wouldn’t want them to get warm ya know 😉 You two are so cute together! Even though I absolutely hate all men at the moment I have to say that he looks like a great guy. I’m happy for you.


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