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Don’t Eat Me

This has to be one of my favorite moments with the hubby. We are on vacation in the Bahamas for our second anniversary. We decided to become certified scuba divers and had taken all the written tests before we arrived for our vacation. When we arrived, we went to Stuart Cove for the official diving classes. Earlier in the week, we practiced all morning in a swimming pool then we’d go out in the afternoon to apply what we learned in the real ocean! Kinda fun, kinda scary!

On our first trip down, we were surrounded by 100’s of colorful fish swimming inches from our bodies. Any fear I had was completely washed away by the this beautiful moment.

On the second trip down, we jumped into a large swarm of baby jellyfish. That was a little stressful, but not as stressful as the fact that my sign language under water SUCKS! As I fought jellyfish off me and held on to the rope that anchored the boat above, Donald and our instructor did an excerise for emergency surfacing. Then we switched. As he hung on to the rope, the instructor and I argued in sign language over what I was supposed to be doing. A few minutes later, we realized the current carried us off and we had to swim hard for a few moments to get to the rope. What a dork… yeah I know you want to know about the shark and I’m getting to it!

So, the last day of our certification, we were to learn to use a compass. We were with a group of experienced divers on the boat and they requested to go to a certain location. When we arrived I noticed the fins. Lots of fins. I’m seeing flashback of “Jaws” at this point and thinking of pitching a fit. About that time, the other divers bail into the water. We watch for a few minutes and none of them are eaten or attacked and I decide that my chicken legs are far less appetizing than some that went down before mine and we decide to risk it. Hehe

The dinner in yesterday’s photo would be my hubby. He’s taking his test using the compass. I, however, am much more interested in what’s hanging out beind him.


Here we are hanging out at the James Bond movie shipwreck. I’m the cute one, obviously!

So there you have it. I’ve truly swam with sharks. The real deal. You think you can beat that? 😉


  1. How cool is that? You are a brave woman. :)

  2. wow…I am impressed. I have jumped out of planes but never swam with sharks.

  3. What a fun story. Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves. I don’t know that I’m that brave. LOL

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