TMT: Flex-ible Options Story

Tell Me Thursday for: Flex-ible Options

It’s almost comical the way you can post a photo of an automobile on your blog and say absolutely NOTHING with the photo and people will assume you bought a new car!

Or, as my friend Nell says,

“So, you either are a pimp (ya know, they make lots of money.) or you got this ride for free for awhile. Either way, you’re super cool.”

Hehehe… Um, no, I’m not a pimp. Really. Because all my friends know that I hardly make lots of money!

But I am super cool. Just like Nell would brainwash you to believe! 😉

Actually, I did get a free ride in the previously pictured Ford Flex, but the lucky driver was Erica Mueller. She decided to scope out Twitter to see if there were any mom bloggers in the area that she could make insanely jealous by torturing them with a test ride. I was the only slob local mom blogger that she could find.

We had a ton of fun and took the sexy, flexy ford flex to our local grocery store for some flexible impulse junk food shopping.

At the end of the day, Erica drove off in the lovely pimp mobile of my pathetic dreams and left me wishin’ for one more ride…

Hear us chat about our test ride and our thoughts on the Ford Flex.

View photos from our test drive and shopping spree on Flickr:
My Ford Flex Flickr Photos
Erica’s Ford Flex Flickr Photos


  1. Oh how much fun!

    You ARE super cool!


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