TMT: Get Off My Back Story

Tell Me Thursday for: Get Off My Back

Remember when I lost my mind and allowed the boys to buy baby chicks with their Christmas gift cards? And then they made the move outside and adopted the family dog as their new mama?

Yeah. The bird-brains now think they rule the roost. Literally. My loveable, sweet dog has now lost the title of guard dog. We now have ferocious attack chickens… so don’t even THINK about breaking into my back yard!

These chickens are so big for their pants, they even think it’s OK to crap all over the patio. You know, because they own it or something. David brought a special attachment over to put on the water hose and power wash the patio. It looks pretty good for about 5 minutes. I can sense his frustration already. He mentioned something about shooting a few chickens with his bow

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