TMT: In The Dog House Story

Tell Me Thursday for: In The Dog House

I knew the time would approach, just not so soon. One afternoon a few weeks ago, Wrangler started screaming that the chicks were flying out of the box!


The clever creatures decided to use their food and water bowls to stage their escape route. Ft. Knox this box was not! Escape From Alcatraz was happening…

My Humans Are Up To Something

Rather than find a bigger, better prison box, I decided it was warm enough and they were also getting big enough to put out in the back yard. It was time to meet the family dog, as well.


As is common in most animal “meet & greet” occasions, sniffing and brown-nosing was very much in order.

aint mama

Eventually, after scouting out the new turf, it was time to find the big, furry chicken that disappeared.


We are changing our beloved dog’s name to Mama Hen. Don’t they make a sweet little family? 😉


  1. this was so funny…LOVE the “bacon” picture…LOL

  2. :-) Bacon… LOL too fun! Settin’ the bar high again eh?

  3. Awww how cute! Loved all your little captions on hte pics. Too funny.


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