TMT: My Head Is Too Big & My Arms Too Small

Oooops. It just occurred to me that I forgot to tell the story behind last week’s Wordless Wednesday! I would let it go, but the photo is taken in an absolutely over the edge AWESOME place that people should know about!

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Wordless Wednesday: My Head Is Too Big & My Arms Too Small

“Dinosaur Bait” in the photos:
“Cowlick” – My oldest son A.K.A. Alec
“Wrangler” – My youngest son
“Biscuit” – My middle son
“Nana” – My mother (I hope I look that good when I’m a grandmother!)

These photos are taken at Dinosaur Valley in Glenrose, Texas. There are actually visible dinosaur tracks that you can see if you visit in the right conditions. I have been several times as a child and was always fascinated so we took the boys this summer on our way home from trip to see family and our Mexican excursion.

This trip turned out to be mostly disappointing because we had experienced nearly of month of rain and the water in the Paluxy River had risen and covered the actual tracks at the time of our visit. If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, definitely add Dinosaur Valley to your list of must see parks!


  1. Now that is cool. I had to show Madisyn too. I bet the boys still had a good time right?

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