TMT: Unless Its An Emergency Story

Tell Me Thursday for: Unless Its An Emergency

OK, before we start this story, it will be important to note that the day this story happens is the day before my birthday…

At 10:32 A.M. on March 4, 2009 I received this text message on my phone from my sweet David:

“Dont check the mail 2day. I will. Dont even go out on the front porch 2day unless its emergency sweetie.”

Awesomeness. He remembered my birthday! Yehaw! :-)

I instantly had to tweet about the text to my Twitter buddies. This started a conversation that convinced me maybe I SHOULD stay off the porch…

CathyBend says: @chele that sounds kind of scary. Is he expecting a package bomb or something?

chele says: @CathyBend LOL… I hope not! I’m guessing it’s a bday gift. I guess I should wait in case it is a bomb & he forgot about my bday. LOL

I agonized and thought about the porch and the mail allllllll day…

chele says: Stupid Fed Ex man psyched me out. I thought my mystery package arrived but he was just using my driveway to turn around. Dang it! LOL

Then, FINALLY, it arrived!

Strange Package

chele says: Mystery package has arrived. It’s killing me, but it’s not an emergency so I’m not going on the front porch… yet. Wonder what it is?

barbararyan says: @chele Seriously??? OMG I could so NOT hold out. Well maybe…no I don’t think so.

chele says: @barbararyan Ya think he’d notice if he got over here and the box was strangely opened and empty? LOL

I thought David would never get here… but he did. He could could tell it had been torturing me ALLLL day, too. So, being his usual sweet self, he let me open the package immediately and laughed at the package bomb idea working to his advantage.

So what was it? That’s really all you want to know right? This is where the story sweetens. Two years ago on my birthday, I asked my now ex-husband for something and even blogged about my birthday desire so he’d get the correct one. Total FAIL. I never got it. :-(

But that’s OK now… cuz David found out about it and delivered for THIS birthday! ::Applause::

My Birthday Gift

Moral of the story? Don’t get irked if you don’t get what you want. You might get it later from someone sweeter and when you least expect it.

P.S. Next, I’d like a King size headboard for my bed, OK? 😉


  1. I LOVE it! Such an ingenious man to sour your blog and figure out what to get you, just amazing…my husband doesn’t even understand what a blog is and don’t get him started on Twitter. lol I want one of those too, the white one…if anyone is listening.

  2. Too fun and I’m coveting the computer desk big time!

  3. Just so you know the link to your birthday desire post isn’t working.

    Awh that’s so sweet. What an awesome guy :-) How you held out all day without ripping into that package is beyond me…I would of never been able to wait. LOL

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