TMT: Why I Stopped Reproducing

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Why I Stopped Reproducing

Warning: If you are easily offended by a fully clothed woman wearing underwear over her clothing and/or have no sense of humor, please leave now. Don’t watch my video and post comments that insinuate you think I’m inappropriate in front of my children. Lighten up and have some clean fun with your own children.

First of all if you’ve been reading my blog, you probably remember me posting about my family’s gag gift Christmas presents every year. This is the 2007 gift in which my sister re-gifts ME the ugly yellow granny panties (and then some) she received as her gag gift the Christmas before. You might remember that video. If not, you can check out the Warped Sense of Humor Hot Mama Video first to get the first part of the joke.

You also probably remember that we like to ham it up in front of the camera during our pranks so you’ll get to see my dramatic acting & facial expressions. Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve stopped reproducing offspring. Apparently the world can only handle so many of us crazy people. LOL


  1. So, that’s where my yellow undies went! I want them back.

  2. You guys better be careful or next year you’ll get arrested!

  3. The world would be a better place if we had more fun, full of life crazy (crazy in a good sense…lol) people like you :-)

  4. How wonderful and refreshing to have found some people with a sense of humour. I love it!

  5. HA HA! You crack me up Chele! :)

  6. The world needs more people like to to tell stiff people like me to get a life! LOL

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