Tooth Fairy Is BROKE!

This has been one heck of a rough week. We finally removed ALL the equipment, desks, bookshelves and work tables from my office, yanked up the old carpet and finished painting. Then we installed the new carpet (thanks to hubby’s cousin who has all the tools and expertise) and began the chore of lugging everything back in. As if that weren’t enough…

Biscuit came home Thursday with a really cool “Teeth Keeper” treasure box from the school nurse. He finally lost the top front tooth that has been barely hanging on for dear life. Friday, yes the very next day, he hops off the bus with his other top front tooth in a napkin. It popped out on the bus ride home! I told him the tooth fairy probably wouldn’t come back in less than 24 hours because she’d think it was a computer error seeing his pillow’s address again. (Translation: Where the heck am I gonna find another dollar NOW?) What a great kid he is because he totally understood my logic. 😀

>>> Before you freak out, the Tooth Fairy DID visit 2 nights later. I’m not a TOTAL loser! Well, not all the time… <<<

I need to take a photo of the giant hole in his mouth in the next few days before they grow in. His two bottom front teeth aren’t all the way in yet, so the poor baby is having one heck of a time eating and talking. I can’t understand half of what he’s saying and Wrangler has to keep translating for me! I should also record him singing “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”… it’s quite a riot!

This serves me right for taking that dare when I was little and knocking out my cousin’s other front tooth when she was purposely trying NOT to lose it.  That was quite a story all on it’s own and I’ll definitely have to remember to tell it some day.  I don’t see her often but when I do, I know she’s waiting til the day she can knock one of mine out to get even. 😉


  1. I actually told Andrew something similar. His tooth came out at a time I was broke. So, I told him to hold onto it and not to lose it because the Tooth Fairy wasn’t in town right now. He asked me nightly if the Tooth Fairy was in town yet. He did finally get a visit from her about a week later. I said, where’s your tooth? You need to put it under your pillow tonight because I heard the Tooth Fairy is in town. LOL

  2. I’ve had to do the same thing with Caleb when I was broke before too. The ting is by the time I did have some extra cash I ended up giving him quite a bit more than I would have the night it came out. So it ended up working out to his benefit for tooth fairy to be broke…LOL.

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